User can now be able to delete your own account 

You can access this from the billing page, click on the profile picture from your dashboard then select Billing.

See below note:
Deleting your account will cause all the information we have about you to be lost and is unrecoverable. Which means this will totally be remove and we don't have back up's to retrieve it as you user's are responsible to delete your account.

Deleting an account is a very delicate process, we have to do a lot of validations to avoid problems with the information.

The validations are:

  1. When the user is the only owner of an account with more members, the user cannot be deleted, which means the user has to assign someone else from the member of the team as ''owner''.
  2. If the user is part of two teams (Team one and Team two).In team one, the user is the only MEMBER but in team two, the user is the only OWNER but it has two more members as an “admin”.
    If the user is managing the team one and wanted to delete his own account since it's the only member of the said team, the system allows the user to delete, BUT it returns as an error because the user is the only owner of the team two. 

It will mention your team from the error note that you have to access that specific team. After that you have to change your role as an 'Owner' from the 'Team' page under Manage team. Then go back from Billing page and proceed to Delete account.

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