Why You Should Automate Linkedin

Because it works and it works really well. Here's why.

The Science of Inbound.

Inbound marketing is predicated on others seeking you out. On Linkedin, when someone visits or views your profile, you get a notification. The same thing happens when people like or comment on your post, endorse, message, or invite you to connect.

These notifications are built-in to Linkedin and other social channels to hook you and keep you in-app. That said, it makes sense for sales teams to take advantage of these platforms because that is exactly where your leads are hanging out and where their attention is focused.

What happens when you visit the profile of a potential customer? Chances are they'll look back.

The Look-back is a term we use when profiles you've visited turn around and visits your profile right back. This creates a lot of opportunities for you to drive traffic through your profile. In other words, your Linkedin profile is like a landing page.

The more profiles you visit, the more people will look back. The more people who look back at your profile, the more likely you’ll get connected. And the more connections you make, the larger your network and opportunities to do business.

Now, you can opt to this manually yourself or hire a virtual assistant, but why would you when you can automate these touches at scale? It's better and far more effective to leave mind-numbing tasks for computers, while you focus on engaging leads in real conversations that drive value and build trust.

Our philosophy at Alfred is to automate the things that should be automated while leaving the things that require emotional IQ and creativity to humans. Sales are about communicating trust and value.

Alfred simply opens the door for you. The rest is up to you.

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