Social selling on Linkedin with Alfred is easy. We believe technology should enable individuals and teams to focus on what really matters, and what really matters in sales is relationships. 

We don't believe in automating everything because that would be wildly irresponsible and unacceptable, but what we do believe in is automating specific engagements for the purpose of connecting you with the people you want to be connected with. 

Alfred allows you to automate and sequence three types of touches or engagements: 

  • Profile visits

  • Connect requests

  • Follow-up messages after a connect request is accepted

  • Multi messaging sequences

  • InMails

  • Emails

  • Congratulating contacts on their birthdays, changes of jobs, etc

You can automate and sequence social engagements easily with our drag and drop interface.

You can create very simple to highly complex messaging sequences to automatically engage with your Linkedin connections, build strong relationships, educate them on what you do and ultimately bring you closer to your preferred call to action.

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