To grow our businesses and sales, relationships with existing and new clients is imperative and since time is our most valuable resource at work and we cannot waste it with inefficient tasks, meaningless meetings and distractions.

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn offers us the opportunity to start, engage and interact with thousands of prospective clients without ever leaving our desk and provides a virtual networking event, every time we login.

But how do we get the most out of LinkedIn? Automation with Alfred.

Much like email marketing has worked in the past, Alfred supercharges the features and benefits of using LinkedIn and completely on autopilot.

Why waste valuable time connecting with people on LinkedIn manually when you can automate it? Why not keep your existing connections informed of the latest developments in your business by sending them a personal message on LinkedIn? How about cold prospecting using InMails (requires Sales Navigator) and sending your leads special offers?

All of this can be done for you using Alfred, keeping you focused on what's important and that's engaging with only those prospects that value what you offer and are interested in moving forward.

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