Email is becoming less and less effective every day, simply because the tactics are abused. We're simply using email the wrong way.

Emails are much more effective after you've established a relationship with the prospect and best put to use as a way to maintain and nurture that relationship through your sales funnel.

The problem with cold email tactics these days is that people are pitching their products or services too soon. That's not what sales is about or how it's done. Sales is about communicating and providing value upfront and building trust and respect between parties.

Sales is not about pitching... and that's the main problem with cold emails. Rather than spending time getting to know your prospect's pains and needs, people are taking short cuts for the quick win.

In our playbook at Alfred that's a no go. Sales, which is just another word for business relationship, is not about speed... it's about quality and durability.

The best sales guys know this, and that's what makes the all-stars.

Here are some other reasons why email is becoming less and less effective:

Better spam detection and filters
The majority of your cold emails are going straight to spam. They never ever reach the intended recipient. Google and other email service providers are getting smarter and smarter at detecting spam and other automated messages. In just the last year, email deliverability dropped more than 15%.

People are immune to cold emails
If your email did happen to reach the intended recipient, chances are it was deleted without a second thought. People adapt, and as a culture, we’ve adapted to ignore the majority of unsolicited emails that make it to our inbox. This even includes email newsletters that we sign up for... Anyone actually read email marketing newsletters?

GDPR and privacy
Then there's GDPR, which I won't dive into too much, but here's the thing... GDPR makes unsolicited emails illegal in 90% of countries. Plus there are huge fines when it comes to policy violations. 

Alfred is in compliance.

One last thing

Every growth tactic has a shelf life, including email.

We’re just starting to see this law take effect with the cold email tactics. Now, this doesn't mean that email is dead and that you should stop doing it. It just means the tactic is self is dying, email as a platform for maintaining and nurturing leads is still alive and will. 

As sales experts and marketers, it crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Social selling through Linkedin and other channels is the new kid on the block, but it won't be for long. Take advantage of these tactics before the rest of the world discovers it and it loses its effectiveness.

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