The biggest misconception of social selling on Linkedin or just in general is that it's a numbers game like cold emailing or calling. It's not. 

Social selling is not about numbers, it's about quality. 

Unlike cold emailing or calling, where you need to send out thousands of emails just to get less than 2% responses from the 15% of leads who actually open and read your emails, social selling is less about the numbers.

Linkedin was designed to connect business professionals with other professionals. With social selling, if you send out 100 connect requests a day, chances are you'll be seeing a 30-40% connect rate, which is a hybrid between an open and reply rate.

Assuming you're connecting with 30+ potential buyers a day, maintaining and nurturing the leads effectively the right way can quickly become unmanageable. 

That said, social selling is not about the numbers, it's about generating value-add conversations that focus on relationship building. It's about being human, empathizing, and connecting with the other person. 

It's not about the quick win. It's about building a relationship based on mutual respect and trust that translates into a loyal customer 2-3 months down the line.

Relationships take time. They take real conversations. 

Bottomline: Rather than focusing on the numbers game through a quick, pitch and dump sales cycle, take your time and build relationships with the 30+ leads who are now in your network.  

Less is always more. 

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