After your trial is over and you are happy with how Alfred has automated all your LinkedIn tasks, you will receive an email notification indicating that your trial has expired and that your campaigns are paused.

You will also see the following notification on the dashboard page.

To upgrade, simply click on your profile photo on the Alfred website and then click on Billing.

Once you are on the billing page, you have the option to select which plan you want as we offer Personal, Business, and Enterprise plans. Also, we have 2 billing cycles you can select Monthly and Annual. For the Business plan, you can add up to 250 seats.

You can now have the option to select what currency you would like to proceed with your payment. Multi-currency options will be available: USD, GBP, and EUR.

After selecting which plan you want, you will be able to insert your credit card and other needed details and get upgraded immediately as shown below.

Please note that you will likely need to unpause campaigns after upgrading so they continue running as expected. Upgrading doesn't automatically restart campaigns, unfortunately. When proceeding you will be asked to check the boxes with our terms of use and Refund policy to proceed.

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