The tagging feature available in your CRM allows you to search for connections using TAGS.

In this article we will cover:

  • Adding Tags to contacts

  • Assigning Tags in a campaign sequence

  • Filtering Tags

Adding Tags

Step 1: Click the Contacts tab on the left side panel of your Alfred account and select 'Connections'.

Step 2: Click on a specific contact profile and choose 'Tags'.

Step 3: When you wanted to add a tag for a specific lead you can click the drop-down option to select which tag you wanted to use to set the tag. You can easily remove them as well by clicking the (X) as shown in the screenshot below.

Assigning Tags in a Campaign sequence

You can add tags inside every campaign sequence. To do so, just toggle on the button 'Add tags in this step'.

Filter Tags

Filter by Tags by clicking the button on the right side of the Connections page and selecting the Tags desired.

Please note: Tags can only be assigned automatically when leads are in sequence and it will take some time to sync them all from the Contacts page.

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