After a few features suggestions and closing of our Google Chrome extension that had these features, we took into deep consideration the of adding these to our platform.

Finally, we've launched our Greetings feature.

How to access it from the Setting's page

Step 1: Click the menu bar at the top right of your Alfred dashboard and then select Settings.

Scroll down below to see the 'Greetings' tab.

There are four types of auto messages you can set to:

1.) Auto-message to congratulate on job anniversary

2.) Auto-message to wish happy birthday

3.) Auto-message to thank them for endorsement/s received

4.) Auto-message to congratulate on a new role

Step 2: Once you've created a message in each box, click on the SAVE button.

You'll see a notification from the left side of the page that your messages have been saved.

This will automatically send to your 1st connections daily. Additionally, you can toggle the button above so you can disable the auto greetings as you've wished to.

*Take note that once you already endorsed your 1st connection manually, Alfred will not send any endorsement from that same lead.

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