Although Alfred was designed to help you grow your network, by automating connection requests, from time to time you will also receive invitations from others that want to connect with you.

To manage all of these requests, we've created a page called Invitations that can be found on the Alfred side panel Click on Campaigns then choose Invitations.

Once there, click on the 'Received' tab to see a full list of received connection requests that need your attention to either reject or accept them.

You can individually accept/reject connection requests received by clicking on the appropriate button on the right of each profile. Or you can multi-select profiles and then click on the buttons on the top right of the screen to bulk accept or reject them.

NOTE: Although once you click on Accept or Reject buttons, the profiles will no longer appear on the page, the process actually takes place on the next cloud-based app session during your work hours.

It should also be noted that at this time, we are not providing capabilities for sending automatic messages to your received new connection.

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