Alfred auto detects when a conversation occurs and immediately stops the campaign sequence for those leads. Track who replies and decide who to return to the series total you get the result you are looking for. This allows your team to send messages wisely during lead generation.

Our Inbox feature allows you to:

  • Reply to prospects in real-time

  • Access messages from your LinkedIn, InMail, and Sales Navigator inbox

  • Include attachments to your messages

  • Send a reply in one click with smart message replies

  • View a snippet of each contact's LinkedIn profile-related data

  • Create notes for each contact

  • Assign tags

  • Search through messages

  • Filter messages by type

You can access this by clicking the Inbox icon located on the left side panel of your Alfred dashboard.

Once you're on the Inbox screen Alfred will display all incoming/outgoing messages from your LinkedIn inbox, InMail, and Sales Navigator inbox.

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