When creating a multi-channel campaign, you can add different sequence steps across multiple platforms.

To begin, click on the 'Create' button and select the 'Multi-channel campaign' option.

There are 6 options you can choose from which your leads come from that you wanted to use with your campaign.

  1. LinkedIn Search (Basic Search only)

  2. LinkedIn URL (search URL)

  3. CSV Upload

  4. Sales Navigator Searches (saved searches and leads list or other saved list)

  5. 1st-degree connections

  6. LinkedIn post

Step 2: Depending on the option selected, you can now start to create multiple sequences for your campaign.

You can add your desired steps based on your strategy with a combination of LinkedIn + Email campaign sequence. Before you add your email sequence, make sure you have set an authorized email address from the 'Integrations' page. This email address will be used in order to send the email messages.

Additionally, you can add a Twitter sequence, but you have to take note that with this option you can only send twitter sequences if it detects Twitter handle on their profile.

Please note: You can only send an email to your 1st-degree connections since Alfred will only capture the emails available on your lead's LinkedIn Profile. But if you created the campaign using a CSV upload that has an email address when uploading the file, it is not necessary to be connected with them first as the email sequence will proceed. If only the first step is an email sequence, but if the first step is a connection request it is necessary to wait for leads to accept before proceeding to an Email sequence.

Feature is available also to our Personal plan but using CSV upload only.

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