LinkedIn monitors your account for how much and how fast you do things. Alfred is safe since Alfred is a cloud-based app which basically they cannot detect it unlike chrome extensions. But if they detect too much activity they may restrict your account even if you did that manually. For example, they can restrict your LinkedIn account inviting functionality. we suggest that you reduce your work hours and limits per day. In that way your account will be warm up once lifted.

The reasons why an account may get restricted are many and most have nothing to do with Alfred.

Depending on several factors, Linkedin from time to time may restrict your ability to send connection requests. This may trigger Linkedin to think that you are a spammer and as such restrict your usage.

The first restriction - wait a few hours to try again.

Multiple restrictions a day - wait a few days to try again.

Note: Most restrictions will automatically be lifted within a few days.

You can also try to withdraw as many pending invitations as possible before attempting to send another invitation.

Here's the page where you can withdraw them on LinkedIn

Note: You won’t be able to resend withdrawn invitations to the same recipient for up to three weeks.

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