You can check this page to know how many pending invites you have from your LinkedIn account

It's a good practice to withdraw old pending invitations that left unaccepted. We recommend having less than 500 pending invites.

There are two ways to do this with Alfred.

> Bulk withdrawal (Manually)

> Automatic withdrawals

Next time you'll start inviting please check out these tips and tricks to increase the acceptance rate:

  1. Viewing profiles before sending invites can increase your conversion rates because you are warming up the lead. Every time you view/visit a profile on LinkedIn, the lead will get notified and in turn may look back at your profile increasing their awareness of your existence.

  2. Write and save invitation message templates

  3. Personalize your message with {{first_name}} and/or any other variables that is available with our platform.

  4. Introduce yourself and explain why you want to join his/her network

  5. Most people will check your profile before accepting a request. Make sure it is populated with relevant information. Even background image matters. You can find a lot of articles about how to create an appealing LinkedIn profile.

If your account gets restricted, you may wait for few days and it may be lifted without any actions from you. Otherwise, you will need to contact LinkedIn support and ask them politely to lift the restriction, of course, without mentioning that you use automation software.

Here’s the page where you can contact them regarding your restriction

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