Delight prospects by adding personalized images to your campaigns,

and personalizing your website landing pages.

Hyperise is an alternative to adding attachments in messages. instead of adding images, you can select them from Hyperise.

To get a discount to as an Alfred user, use this code "MeetAlfred" and get a 20% discount off your Hyperise subscription.

To get started, please click 'Integrations' so you can verify your Hyperise account.

Once done you can now proceed to select it from your sequences such as LinkedIn Message, InMail Message, LinkedIn Group Message, and Email campaigns.

LinkedIn message - it should be 1st-degree connections.

InMail Message - any degree of connections as long as they are Open Link Profiles.

LinkedIn group message - any degree of connections within your group organization that you are a member of.

Email - it can be included within your email sequences.

Pro Tip: You must have Image Templates in

You can create your own Image Templates by uploading images / GIFs or using existing templates add personalization variables over images / GIFs and save the template.

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