Recently, Linkedin launched a new feature called 'Linkedin Events', offering people the ability to:

We highly recommend considering hosting your own events with Linkedin to potentially attract a large audience of attendees, to whom you can promote your products or services.

However, the purpose of this help article is to introduce you not only to Linkedin Events, but a unique marketing hack you can use for prospecting.

Something that most people don't know, is that similarly to Linkedin Groups, you can send free messages to other attendees of a Linkedin Event without being connected.

This opens up the possibility for you to attend other people's events (even competitors) and start conversations discussing the event you are both attending, which has a much higher response rate than normal messaging.

Likely, we've now added the ability to run fully automated, multi-messaging campaigns for Linkedin events you sign up to attend.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Search for a Linkedin Event that you feel will have attendees that match your target audience.

Step 2 : Once you found one that fits your needs, click on Attend Event button.

Step 3: Create a new Linkedin campaign in Alfred and select Linkedin Event as the source of your leads

Step 4: Copy the Linkedin Event URL

Step 5: Paste the Linkedin URL into Alfred and select the number of leads (max 1,000) as well as other filtering options

Step 6: Create your fully personalized multi-messaging sequence as you would with any other campaign.

Step 7: Review and Publish

Please note: This feature allows to send up to 50 messages per day and feature is not available on the Personal plan.

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