To start with you need to authorize first your Twitter account by clicking Integrations located at the left side panel of your Alfred account.

You can check the article below on how to log in to your Twitter account:

How to authorize a Twitter account?

Once done reconnecting your Twitter account under Integrations you can then start to create your campaign by clicking on the Create button then selecting Twitter campaign.

Select the 1st Degree Connections option

Another option is by selecting the leads from Contacts > Connections.

You have to click on the Filter button on the right side so you can click the small box to find leads with Twitter handles.

Step 1: Add leads by the Connections page

You can filter them by 500 profiles per page which you can set below.

When all set, you can then click on Create campaign above option.

You'll be redirected to create a sequence once done clicking on Create campaign. From there you can set Follow Lead on Twitter and Send Twitter Direct Message.

Step 2: Create a sequence

Step 3: Review and Publish

Once publish you need to wait for the leads to gather and it will automatically start to commence.

Please don't forget to set your daily limits on the settings page. The maximum limit for Twitter follow is 400 and Twitter Direct Message is 1000.

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