To start with you need to authorize first your Twitter account by clicking Integrations located at the top of your navigation bar.

You can check the article below on how to log in to your Twitter account:

How to authorize a Twitter account?

Once done reconnecting your Twitter account under Integrations you can then start to create your campaign by clicking on the Create button then selecting Twitter campaign.

Select the CSV option to upload the leads you wanted to run the campaign.

Step 1: Add leads by importing the CSV file

When your list appears you can then click on the Upload button.

Step 2: Create a sequence

Step 3: Review and Publish

Once the campaign is published the leads will go through the verification process which will happen every 15-20 minutes per campaign session. It should be verified first before it gathers automatically and starts to commence.

Additionally, the format when using CSV upload is by having their Twitter name at column A and Twitter handle at column B. To have a format sample it is downloadable when uploading the CSV file at step 1.

Make sure that the Twitter handles are verified and valid to avoid errors. Also, please note that once you add more leads you need to make sure that the CSV format is the same format when you uploaded the first file when you created the existing campaign.

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