The limit for sending messages using a Twitter campaign is 1000 per day. But we highly suggest that you start to lower to warm your account up.

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To create a Twitter campaign:

Step 1: Click on the orange Create button near the top-right corner of your dashboard and then "Twitter Campaign".

Step 2: Choose where you want your leads to come from. There are two options you can use for a Twitter Only campaign.

  • Option 1: CSV upload - the file should contain the lead's Twitter name and Twitter handles. Just simply drag and drop the file then upload once done.

  • Option 2: 1st-degree connections - you can select leads from your Contacts under Connections. You can also tick the small box option to filter profiles that have a Twitter account on the right side of the page. (“Feature not available on the Personal plan”)

    You can also directly create a campaign using just the contacts selected.

Step 3: Once done selecting the source of leads you can proceed to create the sequence.

Select 'Twitter Engagement', so you can set Twitter sequences.

Step 4: Create and personalize the DM message that will be sent to your contacts selected.

Please note: When you selected CSV to upload to create a Twitter campaign, you can use the available snippets within your CSV for personalization.

The snippets are also available to the 1st-degree connection type of campaign but you need to take note that First Name, Last Name, Company, Position, and Industry is the only available snippets when you select 1st-degree connections.

Step 5: Once set, click on the "Next", give your campaign a name and click on Publish to go live.

Once the campaign is live you will see the status in the green set as "Running" and get insights as data becomes available.

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