For you to be able to set up an Email campaign properly, you will need to authorize or link an email address using Gmail/GSuite and Microsoft emails by clicking Integrations.

To do so, click Integrations on the left side of your navigation bar.

Select 'Email' and click on 'Sign in with Google.

Once you click on 'Sign In with Google', it will direct you to select which Google account you want to authorize with. This will be based on your browser's saved memory. If your desired accounts are not been shown, click on 'Use another account and sign in to the desired Gmail account.

Next, you must allow it to access the email you have selected by clicking the 'Continue' button.

This is fully approved by Google and has undergone an extensive security assessment to be able to provide you with this feature.

Most importantly, you have the ability to send multiple Email sequences, read replies, send follow-up messages, and check for bounces that will be shown on your Campaign page.

You can now add Alias for sending emails where you can use and select with.

Additionally, you can update your email signature, and once done, just click on 'Update'.

Once set, you can proceed to create your first Email Campaign sequences.

Please do note that you can only use one email account at a time. If you have multiple email accounts that you wanted to use with an Email campaign, please make sure to pause or archive the campaign of your old or unused email before changing the authorized email address from the settings page to avoid errors and missed sending of emails.

*Available to Business plans but take note on Personal plan you can only create CSV upload.

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